Section 136 of the 2003 Criminal Justice Act

Criminal Prosecution Services policy on 'disability hate crime'

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Read full details of your human rights

People First 'A voice for people with learning disabilities’

Ann Craft Trust ‘Works to keep people with learning disabilities safe if they are in danger of being hurt or abused.’

Disability Rights Commission


Respond ‘Gives help and support to people with a learning disability who have been abused (hurt) by someone or who have abused (hurt) someone else.’

Victim Support ‘Helps people who have had crime happen to them or who have been affected by crime.

Voice UK ‘Helps people with learning disabilities and other people who have had crime happen to them.’

Disability Wessex promotes independent living to people with disabilities in Dorset and the surrounding areas

United Kingdom Disabled Peoples Council is a national umbrella body national representing 130 independent organisations across the UK






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