Case studies of what different people and organisations feel 'disability hate crime' is...

Disability Hate Crime Map

Map of disability hate crime reporting




Hate Me Here?

The UK disability organisation SCOPE works to gain equal rights for disabled people. Their current campaign ‘Time to Get Equal’ wants to challenge disability discrimination and disability hate crime; which they call ‘disablism’. On the 15th June, they organised a fun-day in Gillingham, Dorset, to highlight the campaign:

Gillingham case study from Melanie Edgar on Vimeo.



Examples Of Experiences

I conducted an anonymous open questionnaire with a number of people with disabilities. This is a sample of some of their responses:


The map appears to indicate a higher number of reports in the north-west.

There seems to be little relation to population density and the likelihood of attacks against disabled people. For example London has few cases in relation to its high population figure.

The large red dot in the south west relates to the case of Steven Hoskin which received a large amount of press coverage.










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